… an expedition to uncover (and fix) database performance issues!

snail shell on a field
snail shell on a field
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One of the worse things that can happen when upgrading to a newer database version is discovering that the performance is not as good as before. Despite the effort put into gate-keeping MySQL NDB Cluster’s strict performance requirements, one of our customers found a performance regression when upgrading from our 7.4 version to our 7.6 version. How did that happen when our automated performance test suite failed to show it? To answer that, and fix the issue we enrolled on a database performance archaeology expedition…

When your performance is not good enough

MySQL NDB Cluster is an…

MySQL Cluster is an open-source distributed in-memory database. It combines linear scalability with high availability, providing in-memory real-time access with transactional consistency across partitioned and distributed datasets. It was developed to support scenarios requiring high-availability (99.999% or more) and predictable query time. Testing such a system is achieved via many interconnected pieces ranging from a large set of automated tests and manual exploratory testing. This post explores an overview of the testing methodologies we use and the current challenges we face.

Gaming, banking, telcos, and online services all are powered by fully-redundant and fault-tolerant software systems. At the heart of…

The first four steps on how to start a Software Quality Team for MySQL Cluster from ground up

On June 2018, the first ever re-organization of the Oracle MySQL Cluster group occurred. As in other companies, there’s a moment when a larger group is broken down into smaller teams each owning a part of the overall process/code-base/tasks. While in some cases the new teams are just a formalization of an already-existent informal structure, in others a new team emerges to answer specific long-term needs.
In MySQL Cluster group, such team was the Quality Team which I have become responsible for. The…

Tiago L. Alves

Software Engineering Manager @ Oracle MySQL Cluster

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